Car Detailing  in Durham

Car detailing is often confused with car valeting but make no mistake… detailing is very, very different.

There’s a lot more involved and detailing helps to keep your car in its best possible condition. Detailing is a top-to-bottom, deep clean of your car, inside and out! Not only that, detailing also focuses on cosmetic paint restoration and protective coatings. Not only does it clean and polish your car, it also protects it.

Getting your car washed regularly is important, however, did you know that poor washing can actually damage the delicate surface of the paint on your car? Have you ever noticed swirl marks or light scratches after a wash? That’s damage to your paint work!

Kevin, Owner of Premier Car Care.

What is car detailing?

But don’t worry – car detailing can get all of those marks out of your paintwork and restore your car to a pristine, like-new finish.
We have amazing kit that uses high powered light to show up these kinds of paint defects. We then take paint depth readings which allow us to re-level the paint surface on your car, removing all visible defects! Clever, right?

The next step is paint protection… this involves a combinations of waxes, sealants and coatings that creates a barrier that protects the paint against every day elements such as UV radiation and bird droppings.

If you’re looking to get your car detailed for that like-new finish don’t hesitate to call in the shop for a free quotation.

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Before and After Detailing Video

Ford Fiesta ST (Before)

Ford Fiesta ST (After)

Do I need to have a luxury car to have it detailed?

No, not at all – the process of detailing is the same for pretty much any car out there – there’s small differences between each job which trained, experienced detailers will be able to pre-empt, whether you have an old classic, which you’ve owned for 30 years and are looking to inject a little ‘wow’ back in to, or whether you have a family car which needs a little TLC to restore it back to it’s former glory – these are the jobs we love to do at Premier Car Care, detailing in Durham that puts a smile on our customers faces.

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Where is Premier Car Care located?

Premier Car Care is located in north-east England. We serve areas surrounding our workshop near Peterlee. This means if you’re looking for car detailing in Durham or the surrounding area – we’re not too far from any of the north-easts major cities.