I get asked many times “How much to detail my car?” Well, “How long is a piece of string?” As they say. So let me explain…

If your car is brand new i.e. still the protective wrap on from factory, then this is what we consider as a “Brand New Vehicle”. If your car has been driven it will have been washed various amounts of time, therefore it will have various amounts of defects on it.

Before choosing your package, we will require you to bring your car to us for a detailed inspection – especially if there are any unusual defects requiring our attention such as deep scratches, industrial fallout, tree sap, previous repairs, overspray, bird excrement etchings and so on. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions throughout this process, and we’ll do our best to help you understand as much as we can about what we do and how we do it. 


1/2 hours vehicle inspection with Kevin Thirlaway: £100 (refunded from your final bill)

Kevin will take you through the inspection personally, giving you the direct benefit of his 10 years of experience. It’ll cover all aspects including paint, detailing, wheels, dents, interior recondition. He will talk you through your vehicle’s imperfections, running you through the processes and stages that can happen to your car, and explaining just how much of the defects we can correct in our various packages.

Please note, your car will need to be reasonably clean for us to perform an inspection. Cars that arrive too dirty to inspect will need our basic wash first.

With the inspection complete, we will sit down and go through what we have seen and discussed in the inspection. We will also sit down and go through all the different options available so you and I will have an understanding of what we can expect to achieve on your car, in what timescale, and at what price. If you wish to proceed once you’ve decided on the best package to suit your car and budget, all we ask for is a non-refundable deposit to secure your booking. If this is booked in on the day of the inspection no £100 will be taken as a deposit must be left.

The inspection will last for 5 days where the £100 will still be taken into account as part of a non refundable deposit. After the five days the car will need to be viewed again.

To arrange an inspection please call 07757 593 817, or send us an email.