Our Silver Valet is designed to get the exterior of your vehicle clean whilst greatly reducing the chances of introducing paint defects. In addition to our Bronze service we recommend a detailed cleaning of the bodywork using the 2 bucket method as a weekly maintenance valet of one of our larger details


  • Wheels cleaned Nanolex Wheel Cleaner & Iron Remover
  • Vehicle pre rinsed to remove the loose dirt
  • The car soaked with Nanolex Pre Wash and left to dwell for 2-3 mins
  • Rinse to remove Pre Wash
  • Onto washing the car using Nanolex Pure Shampoo/Reactivating Shampoo via a 2 bucket wash method
  • Thorough rinse to wash off the Shampoo
  • Application of Nanolex Wash Coat and left to dwell for 2-3 mins
  • Thorough rinse to wash off the Washcoat.
  • Vehicle is then brought inside, dried using plush microfibre towels and blown dried using a warm air blower.
  • Inside door shuts cleaned & dried


  • Windows cleaned inside & out
  • Vacuum Interior, boot and light dusting throughout


  • Final wipe down with Nanolex Final Finish. Finishing inspection to ensure your vehicle is completed to our exacting standards


  • Engine Bay – from £60
  • Basic Interior Vacuum & Dust Removed – from £30
  • Interior Deep Clean using various machines & tools – from £200
  • Wheel Sealing – £50 per wheel
  • Application of Nanolex Urban Glass Sealant – £40
  • Windscreen Protection – from £40
  • Leather Treatment – from £40
  • Application of Nanolex Si Finish – £30
  • Cabriolet hood cleaned & protected – £150

Additional charges may apply for vehicles with excessive dirt.

All work is to be carried out at our detailing studio in Wingate, Co Durham