The Premier Protection Detail is designed to improve the overall appearance and
protection of your vehicle’s exterior to leave a silky smooth surface which is easy to maintain for anywhere between 4 and 6 months. This note this detail has no correction element to the paintwork.


  • Wheels/tyres and arches cleaned with various brushes.
  • Wheel iron & tar deposits and staining removed
  • Vehicle pre-rinsed to remove loose dirt
  • Lower parts of the vehicle soaked in APC
  • Rinsed & application of snow foam to the whole vehicle
  • Rinsed then window rubbers, badges and gaps cleaned with APC and a dedicated soft detailing brush
  • Door shuts and fuel flap cleaned with APC and a dedicated soft detailing brush
  • Thorough pressure rinse.
  • Exterior bodywork surfaces washed using the 2 bucket method
  • Rinse
  • Tar safely removed from all exterior surfaces
  • Rinse
  • Iron contamination safely removed from all exterior surfaces
  • Rinse.
  • Whole vehicle clayed with a clay to remove remaining bonded surface
  • Vehicle given a final rinse, brought inside, and then towel and blown dried using plush microfibre towels and a warm air blower


  • All exterior paintwork given an polish via dual action polisher.
  • Glass polished using a duel action polisher and Nanolex Glass Polish.
  • Exhaust tips polished using Britmax Metal Twins.


  • Protection applied to all painted surfaces. (Nanolex Spray Sealant, AM Seal or Wax)
  • Single coat of Nanolex Paint & Alloy Sealant or AM Wheel Wax applied to wheel faces.
  • Tyres and plastic wheel arches dressed.
  • Durable trim dressing applied to all black plastic trim.
  • Windows treated with a single coat of Nanolex Urban Sealant or AM Rain FINISHING
  • Final wipe with detailing spray ready for collection.

Prices from £170

*Prices shown are “prices from £…” The price may vary depending on vehicles’ size/ condition – heavily pitted, soiled, badly scratched etc. All work is to be carried out at our detailing bay in Horden, Co Durham

Premier Bolt on’s

  • Basic Interior Valet From £30+
  • Interior Deep Steam Clean From £250+
  • Wheels Removel & Seal Using Nanolex Paint & Alloy SealantFrom £150+
  • Cabriolet Hood Cleaned & Protected From £150+
  • Nanolex Paint & Alloy paint protection From £95+
  • Nanolex SiShield ultimate paint protection From £120+
  • Nanolex Si3D ultimate paint protection From £195+
  • Nanolex Si3D HD ultimate paint protection From £295+
  • Nanolex Ultra Glass Sealant From £60+
  • Engine Bay Cleaned From £40+