Premier New Car Detailing Packages

Are you thinking of purchasing or have you purchased a ‘Brand New’ vehicle? Well if the answer is yes then I can provide the best possible start to life for your new investment. Statistics show that a new car is generally the second biggest investment following a mortgage, therefore I strongly believe in protecting your investment.

Does Your New Car Require Detailing?

In a nutshell YES! All too often I hear “its brand new, it doesn’t need detailing/polishing”. From experience its all too common for brand new vehicles to leave the factory with a number of defects in them like sanding marks and polishing holograms left from the production line. Not only that but vehicles go through so many processes before you get hold of the keys. They experience storage facilities and can incur damage during transportation or when they arrive to the dealership. Whats more disappointing is the fact most dealerships do not give enough time required to prepare a car correctly. It’s mainly given to unskilled and often untrained staff that are tasked to prepare a car ready for your collection in a matter of minutes of which will do more harm than good which result in poor preparation too. 

Your salesman/women will likely offer you a ‘lifetime Paint Protection guarantee’  with no polishing required and other sales based claims. These packages in vast majority of cases are very low value, improperly applied, rushed, overstates durability but most worryingly temporally hiding defects. These brands including Guard X, Supaguard and Diamondbrite are predominately a polymer based sealant and NOT a Ceramic Coating which create a chemical bond to the clear coat on your vehicle.


So Whats Involved?

  • In an ideal world I would recommend that as much protective wrap is left on the vehicle when delivered or picked up. Also to instruct the dealership to refrain from washing or prepping the car prior to your collection.
  • An initial inspection of the Vehicle is carried out
  • Removal of protective wrap
  • Premier Detailed Clean
  • All the external surfaces are decontaminated (Tar & Iron Deposits Removed) including the Paintwork and Glass
  • Soft clay bar to safely remove the bonded contaminants 
  • A single stage paint enhancement machine polish to prep the surface in preparation of the Ceramic Coating (Subject to Inspection)
  • The application of the coatings

Premier New Car Detail Prices From: £750

*Prices shown are “prices from £…” The price may vary depending on vehicles’ condition – heavily pitted, soiled, badly scratched etc. All work is to be carried out at our detailing bay Horden, Peterlee, Co Durham

*Optional Extras Are Available, please see link below

Timescale: 2 – 5 Days