Premier Major Paint Correction Detail

As with all of my details the Premier Major Paint Correction starts with our Premier Detailed Clean, in preparation for the major works to begin.

My aim with this detail is try and achieve in and around a 90-95% paint correction rate. This will withdraw the most superb finish to the surface of the paint, most probably resulting in a “Better Than New” finish.

Firstly and most importantly paint depth measurements are taken on the paint to not just determine the depth of the paint but also to identify aftermarket paintwork. This enables me to work within safe tolerances of the clear coat/lacquer to safely remove the deeper scratches.

An array of machine polishers and techniques are used to safely remove the defects found in the paint, these consist of things like swirl marks, random deep scratches, bird etching and sanding marks etc. It isn’t always possible for a 95% correction rate and compromises do have to be made with older vehicles where it would be impractical to sacrifice the clear coat, where this runs the risk of striking through meaning the vehicle would have to be painted. This does not compromise our approach to our end goal and that’s to transform the appearance of your vehicle.

With our vast amount of specialist tooling, knowledge and experience not just within detailing but also in painting you can be guaranteed that we’ll create that show stopping show finish.

In 2021, I’ve made some changes to our ‘Correction Details’, automatically a 12 month Ceramic Coating will be part of this process. An option to join our Premier Maintenance Plan once your vehicle has been completed will be offered to you upon completion.This will help keep the correct level of care and provide the correct life expectancy for your coating.

As a gentle reminder to you that all our details include a machine polish of the windscreen with a Glass Sealant included in all our details.

*Optional Extras Are Available, please see link below

Timescale: 4-14 Days

Major Paint Correction Detail Prices From: £950

*Prices shown are “prices from £…” The price may vary depending on vehicles’ condition – heavily pitted, soiled, badly scratched etc. All work is to be carried out at our detailing bay Horden, Peterlee, Co Durham