Premier Detailed Clean & Protection

Every vehicle starts off by going through a ‘Wash’ process doesn’t it? well this is my strategy. 

Prior to joining my Premier Maintenance Plan your vehicle must of undergone a Premier Detailed Clean, or one of my detailing packages including the New Car Details. As explained in above notes I do not offer what’s traditionally known as ‘Car Valeting’ or a ‘Wash’…what I do offer and implement is a Professional Detailers touch to this industry. Its not as simple as a ‘wash’ or a ‘clean’ I go further into it by safely washing the surface with safe products and techniques, decontaminating surfaces and adding layers of protection along the way.

The ‘Premier Detailed Clean’ has an entry level price £200+. The process has a typical timescale of between 6-9 hours depending on vehicle size and condition. Once you have experienced the PDC or a Detail, your vehicle will be eligible for our maintenance plans. Your appointment will be booked and arranged on a regular basis no more than 6 weeks apart. We understand that this is not always possible, therefore we judge this accordingly and fairly. If your vehicle exceeds the 6 week limit, your vehicle will require the PDC again to rejoin the maintenance plan.

The Process – PDC & Protection


  • Wheels/Tyres/Arches Cleaned & Decontaminated 
  • Engine Bay Cleaned & Dressed
  • Lower Parts Soaked In APC 
  • Vehicle Pre-Washed With Snow Foam To Remove Loose Dirt
  • Rinsed Then Window Rubbers, Badges & Gaps Cleaned With APC 
  • Door Shuts & Fuel Flap Cleaned With APC 
  • Thorough Pressure Rinse.
  • Exterior Bodywork Surfaces Washed Using The 2 Bucket Method
  • Rinse
  • Paintwork Decontaminated (Tar & Iron Remover) From Exterior Surfaces
  • Rinse
  • Whole Vehicle Clayed With A Clay To Remove Remaining Bonded Surface
  • Vehicle Given A Final Rinse, Brought Inside, & Then Towel & Blown Dried Using Plush Microfibre Towels & A Warm Air Blower
  • Exterior Paintwork Polished & A Wet Sealant Applied To The Entire Vehicle (Creating A Glossy & Hydrophobic Finish, Lasting Up To 2-3 Months – Longer With Maintenance)
  • Exterior Glass Cleaned With Hydrophobic Glass Cleaner
  • Single coat of Nanolex Paint & Alloy Sealant applied to wheel faces.
  • Tyres Dressed.
  • Durable Nanolex Trim Dressing Applied To All Black Plastic Trim.
  • Final Wipe With Detailing Spray Ready For Collection.


  • Initial Full Vacuum & Floor Mats Removed  
  • Dust Removed From Dashboard Vents & Seat Runners
  • Wet Vac Extraction For Cloth Seats/Leather Seats Cleaned Using Specific Leather Cleaning Products 
  • Full Steam Clean & Sanitisation Of All Surfaces
  • Boot & Spare Wheel Compartment Cleaned
  • Floor Mats Deep Cleaned & Re Vacuumed
  • Rest Of The Interior Re Vacuumed
  • Final Wipe Down
  • All Interior Glass Cleaned

Premier Detailed Clean Start From £200

Small Vehicle (Fiat 500, Toyota Aygo, Ford Ka) – £200

Medium Vehicle (Audi A3, Ford Fiesta, Golf R) – £250 

Large Vehicle (Ford Focus, BMW 3/4 Series) – £350 

EX Large Vehicle (Audi A7/8, BMW 6/7/8 Series) – £400 

4×4 Vehicle (Range Rover, BMW X5/6, Audi Q7/8) – £450