BMW M3 – Enhancement Detail & Minor Bodywork

Stage 1 – Repair of the Quarter Panel & Bumper

Wow! what a car! and what an absolute privilege it was to be trusted in not only to detail such car but also to repair it. Unfortunately as this was going to be on show at our BMW open day time was pushed to do a full picture portfolio of before and afters so there have only been a few before and during pictures taken.

As with every detail though the car went through a multi stage wash and decontamination program before the main work could commence. Once brought in and dried the bodywork was carried out first before the enhancement detail could begin

Stage 2 – Enhancement, Interior Clean & Protection

The interior was professionally cleaned using specialist leather cleaning products. As you can see by the 50/50 pictures the leather was full of dirt, grease and oils so once this was lifted and cleaned it was given a protection to protect the leather for the continuous use.


Finished Car

The car was finally protected with Nanolex Si3D giving the car on average 2 years worth of protection