Wheels Off

This Includes the wheels been removed at the wash stage in order to allow better access to fully clean the wheels and arches. Once cleaned the wheels will be put back on the vehicle to be driven inside. Once Inside and on the ramp the wheels will be removed once again, this time to allow the second stages of cleaning and polishing of the wheels and arches. Once completed the wheels will be coated in the sealant of choice and the arches will be dressed.

Cost – £250

Wheel Hubs & Calliper Refurbishment

This is self explanatory option but I must say if your vehicle does not have these painted and protected it will alter the overhaul ascetics of your vehicle once its detailed.

Cost – £300 – £350

Interior Detail & Protect

This option is as important as the exterior in my opinion. As this is where you spend your time when in the vehicle. With some cars interiors dirtier than a bin or a keyboard in an office, reveals new gross new research in 2018. 

Your vehicle will undergo an intensive deep clean of the full interior including the carpets, seats and mats. But I don’t stop there! Germs and bacteria can build up on all surfaces so its out with the steam cleaning equipment, specific chemicals and tools required to kill most of these organisms. Thats not even to mentioning the problem with viruses living on the surfaces!! So again I take things to the next level to give you the customer a service second to none. Please see this link…………This in turn will leave your vehicle cleansed, sanitised but most importantly virus free.

Cost – £300 – £350