Nanolex offers a completely new product with Si3D, it is designed to meet the highest demands of professional users with ease of use for the amateur.

The Si3D molecules – precursors of ceramic and hybrid materials – consist of silica, nitrogen,  hydrogen and organic compounds such as carbon. These polymers are free of solvents or fluorine. The extra thermoplastic component forms an incredibly strong hydrophobic layer.

Nanolex Si3D is extremely resistant to all weather influences but also against a lot of chemicals, making the layer extra easy to maintain. It hardens the paint to the maximum of 9H so that the protection is harder than the varnish layer itself! By adding multiple layers, the layer becomes thicker.

Because of the complex and hard structure, Si3D provides extra protection against washing and all possible smears so that fine scratches come back less quickly.

A large part of the latest coatings consists of solvents: the consistency, viscosity and volatility are highly dependent on the solvents used. Nanolex does not use aromatic solvents in its products because of the high health risk.

The Si3D coatings have very good properties to “release” the solvents. 90% of the solvents evaporate within the first 24 hours, the next 10% within the week. (This varies greatly depending on temperature, humidity, …)

With good maintenance, Nanolex Si3D can easily provide protection for 30,000 km.

Nanolex Si3D has been developed, tested and produced in Germany.