Nanolex Convertible Top Sealant is an advanced coating based on nanotechnology that forms a semi-permanent water and oil repellent barrier on all textile surfaces of the car, both inside and outside. Nanonolex Convertible Top Sealant is designed in Germany and uses a non-volatile water based system. This will automatically create a structure with an interwoven molecular network of organic nano-compounds and inorganic salts, which together form an invisible, breathable and extremely flexible coating that no contaminants can adhere to.

This structure will chemically bind to textile surfaces at the molecular level. This will protect your surface and repel daily contaminants, which will immediately slide away from the treated surfaces instead of adhering to them. Stains are prevented before they occur and you can easily and quickly remove the other contaminants. Raindrops will simply roll off your convertible top, which will carry the dirt. This is the Lotus effect.

Nanolex Textile & Leather Sealant Application – From £150+