Minor Body Work

I class minor body work as something that doesn’t require a full side of the car to be painted, full resprays, major accident damage or panel replacement.


Panel Damage

Vandal scratches, Here at Premier Car Care Ltd we can repair the panels for you in a more cost effective way than a traditional bodyshop. If the scratches are not too deep we may even be able to flat and polish them out for you saving your even more money.

If the panels which have been “keyed”, cannot be polished out then they can easily be repaired. The scratches are sanded down, filled (if required) primed, resprayed, and blended as far as needed, again only painting the damaged area, not unnecessary the surrounding panels. (The location of the damage and colour of car may determine whether I will advise a Smart repair or full panel respray)

Dents and scuffs to panels, will be repaired by firstly removing as much of the dent as possible, before filling, priming and respraying. We use the best quality fillers available, which are rapidly cured with heat and sanded with a dust extraction machine. We then use a top quality primer to seal the filler which is fully cured by infra red in 10 minutes. The panel is then ready for the colour and lacquering process. We have our own in house paint mixing scheme and can match every colour out there so your car is in safe hands.

Usually, a repair will take approximately Four to Five hours to complete. Please contact us direct on 07757 593 817 if you have any questions about getting your scratched panels repaired.