A new updated service is now available at Premier Car Care.

Over 3 months of planning and research has gone into this, in order to bring you a better rate of results. Here at Premier Car Care my Interior Deep Cleaning of your cars interior has increased to a higher level of cleanliness. All of which will give you a better peace of mind knowing that your car is getting cleaned to a higher standard.

Do you ever stop to think about how many hours you spend in your car? As the need for commuting, socialising and shopping has increased in the last 10 years have you ever stopped to think what is your car getting used for and what do you do in it?

For many years various industries have used ultra violet (UV) light too deep clean and make areas more hygienic and sterile and now more than ever a more clean and hygienic environment is paramount. Here a Premier Car Care I have invested in the most up to date UV-C machine to help eradicate bacteria and disinfect making a more germ free car for your travels.

UV-C light works by killing or inactivating micro-organisms by destroying and disturbing their DNA. A micro- organisms are so small they can’t be seen by the naked eye these include bacterias and viruses. UV will kill bacteria and viruses but each requires specific exposure level to achieve a 90-99.99% reduction. There is lots of research out there indicating that most require between 50-200 J/m2 to be effective.

The UV-C germicidal hand lamp from UV light technology offers an extremely high output to reduce bacteria and viruses in seconds, this is to the upmost importance in this current climate and is ideal for rapid disinfection and help reduce and control the spread of infection.

Here’s the science behind it…

UV light exposure (J/m2) is a combination of UV light irradiance (W/m2) x time (seconds).
Our UV germicidal hand lamp offers a high UVC output of up to 50 W/m2 at 20cm distance over an A4 area. So to achieve an exposure level of 200 J/m2 you would divide 200 (J/m2) by 50 (W/m2) to give you an exposure time of 4 seconds.

So after a full chemical clean using suitable products and cleaning machines the UV-C Germicidal Hand Lamp is scanned around the vehicles interior to give a much better rate of cleanliness.

Strict PPE is used in this process and no harm is caused to the vehicles interior