Premier Smart Repair & Detailing Specialists will restore your dull and cloudy headlights on our site here in Horden, Peterlee, servicing areas in and around Durham, Teeside, Tyne & Wear.


Most headlights can suffer from discolouration over time which can result in a deterioration in the strength of the beam and even cause your car to fail it’s MOT.

A recent survey noted that up to 20% of MOT failures were due to faulty headlights which give off a poor beam strength. Road dirt and particles can eventually erode and scratch the transparent headlight casing. This has a negative effect on beam strength and can eventually lead to MOT failure

For a fraction of the cost of a new headlight, we are able to refurbish your headlight lens to an “as good as new” condition.

Option 1

  • Inspect & clean the headlights
  • Gently machine polish the lenses to remove traffic film and UV damage
  • Hand finish the cleaning process
  • Apply protective coating specific for Headlights

Prices start from £45 each

Option 2

  • Inspect & clean the headlights
  • Remove the old UV coating
  • Mask up the headlights so only the lenses are showing
  • Paint a new UV Clearcoat over the lenses giving them as good as new finish

Prices start from £80 each

Here at Premier Smart Repair & Detailing Specialists we use specially formulated products designed to clean, seal and protect giving a longer lasting shine eliminating the discolouration or yellowness of your headlights, giving you better visibility at night whilst providing an excellent fresh new look for your vehicle at a fraction of the price you would expect to pay for new headlights.