Further investment at Premier Car Care

Further investment at Premier Car Care

Further investment at Premier – This time its the MAX MEYER Coatings’ RapidMatch Spectrophotometer makes the colour formula selection process easier and quicker than ever before.

Practical and user-friendly, the RapidMatch spectrophotometer is a compact device operated via simple two-handed touch controls and is supplied with a convenient, rechargeable docking station.

The RapidMatch instrument uses advanced optics to measure vehicle colour from five reflective angles. It then searches the industry’s largest and most up-to-date formula database to find the best available match. Each search returns a series of colour variant formulas that are ranked using an innovative ‘Match Rating’ system with accompanying visual indicators to guide the user.

Delivering accuracy and ease of use Max Meyer RapidMatch Spectrophotometer is the future of colour identification in a bodyshop.

Key Features

  • Accuracy: The only five angle measuring device on the market with access to the industry’s largest formula database
  • Durable and simple to use: Delivers what you need in a hardwearing, compact and easy to use, touch control device
  • Fast Results: Search results are delivered quickly, enabling the user to find the best match within seconds
  • Connectivity: Can be used alongside PAINTMANAGER™ software and is easily linked to the EasyMix Connect devices. It is fully internet capable, enabling frequent system and database updates

MaxMeyer MaxColor Colour tool

The first step in any job is to identify the colour. By using the MaxMeyer MaxColor Colour tool is both quick and easy.

This tool is specifically designed to show primes and variant chips in an easy to find way. The colours shown are from over 45 motor manufacturers and over 12,000 colours. The system was designed from painter feedback and and has a unique soft plastic fan cover with non-scratch edges and larger variant chips to make colour selection easy

Key features

  • Up to date colour offer with about 12,000 colour chips
  • Mix of prime and variant chips to make colour identification easy
  • Unique soft fan casing to make them easy to handle and non-scratch
  • Over 45 motor manufacturers covered

So when I say here at Premier we’re different by name, nature and by service; this is what I mean – Remember, the bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten. There’s no such thing as cheap and high-quality service, and I pride myself on providing an exceptional standard of work. Work is accurately priced by the amount of time I require to do the best work possible on your car, and tools like this help obtain those pristine finishes I pride myself on.

Kevin Thirlaway is the owner and director of Premier Car Care. With over 10 years in the industry, there’s nothing that Kevin hasn’t seen or worked on. With an attention to detail that would put Steve Jobs to shame; Kevin focusses his efforts on restoring your vehicle back to its full potential through an exhaustive list of techniques, honed over a number of years.

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