Premier Car Care Car Body Scratch Repair

Scratches and scrapes in the paintwork of your vehicle are unsightly, no matter how they occur they can drive down the resale value of your car. Left untreated, they can lead to corrosion problems at a later date.

One of the most important things you need to do when you get a car scratch is to act fast. The longer you wait for a car scratch repair, the more likely it is that the damage will worsen. With some scratches, especially those on metal or metal-coated surfaces, rust can start to form immediately after the damage occurs. This not only makes the problem worse, but also makes a repair more difficult because it requires additional in-depth cleaning and treatment before a professional can even get started on repairing the body of your vehicle.
Here at Premier Car Care, we offer car scratch repairs where 99% of the time vehicles are repaired within the same day of being dropped off.

If you have noticed that your vehicle is looking a little worse for wear, or you want to ensure it is protected from future damage, come down to Premier Car Care today.

S.M.A.R.T. Repair from Premier Car Care

Here at Premier Car Care, I use a method of car paint repair called SMART repair. SMART stands for Small to Medium Area Repair Technique, and is a technique used for repairing small areas of car bodywork damage, focusing strictly on the area that needs to be repaired rather than needing to repair or replace an entire car panel. Using this method means that we are able to provide car repairs that are much quicker and cheaper than those using traditional car repair techniques.

Premier Car Care can complete car body scratch repairs conveniently, cost-effectively and to an extremely high standard. I can fix a range of damage including car door scratches, keyed car scratches and stone chip repairs no matter where they are on the car.
SMART car scratch repair is proven to provide better results than store bought methods. With deeper scratches, store bought car paint repair kits and paint restorers can leave an inconsistent and patchy finish, leaving the car vulnerable to further damage from the elements. SMART repairs use only professional grade equipment and materials which allows us to produce consistently superior results every time as well as offering a lifetime guarantee on our workmanship.

Using the SMART technique means that I am able to offer expertly completed repairs at a fraction of the price

The great news is that here at Premier Car Care, Im able to remove any scratches from your car, no matter how deep they are. Whether the scratch is within the top layer of paint called the clear coat (lacquer) layer of the cars surface, or whether the scratch permeates the base coat (colour layer) or primer, Im able to help.
If you have any questions at all about the S.M.A.R.T. Repair method or about any of the services I offer then please don’t hesitate to get in touch – You can contact me on 07757 593 817

Convenient Car Paint Repair

Premier Car Care car scratch repair service is designed to be a convenient and as quick as possible. Typically from your car been dropped off the repair will take a matter of hours to repair, usually at a fraction of the cost of a traditional body shop would charge. Seen as though I don’t need to replace an entire panel to complete a repair, my repairs are excellent value for money.
As well as a great price, all scratch repairs undertaken by myself are fully guaranteed. Our fantastic service is designed to give you peace of mind, and backed up by an excellent customer service.