Local Car Body Repair Specialists

Established in 2009, Premier Car Care has built up a fantastic reputation for providing high-quality cosmetic repairs to minor car paintwork scuffs, scratches, bumper damage, alloy wheels and dents to car bodywork – all of which will eliminate the inconvenience and huge expense of using a main dealer bodyshop.

If you find yourself looking for a cosmetic repair specialist near you, then look no further than Premier Car Care. We have a state of the art workshop that carries out the work in a controlled environment without the dealings of the typically poor British weather that the stereo-typical smart repairer has to deal with. Here at Premier Car Care typically upon the day of your booking your vehicle will be repaired within the same day, still giving you the ultimate repair convenience of not been without your vehicle for a long period of time and above all a cost effective solution to repair your vehicle.

Car Body Repairs From Premier Car Care

Here at Premier Car Care, I offer a wide range of minor car body repairs. Whether your vehicle has been dented, scuffed, scratched or malformed, I am able to help you out.

Car Scratch Repairs Near You

Amongst the services I offer, Im proud to be able to offer a state of the art car scratch removal process that can remove the scratch and blend it into the surrounding area or panels as efficiently and economically as possible

Premier Car Care are experts when it comes to SMART Repair. Standing for Small to Medium Area Repair Technique. Meaning that we can repair a scuff, scratch or dent without the removal of panels. Instead, our focus can be purely focused to the damaged area on the panel. Using a tool called a spectrophotometer we can scan the correct shade of colour from your car to precisely blend the colour so the repair is no longer visible.

Have you searched the phrase “car scratch repair near me?” Then the good news is that now you’ve found Premier Car Care your local independent car scratch repair centre. Whether you have a scuff, a scratch or dent then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Your Local Car Dent Repair

On some occasions you might be looking for car body repairs not because of a scratch or scuff but a dent that hasn’t broken through the paint.

The good news is that 80% of dents can be massaged and manipulated back into shape using pointless dent repair techniques. If the paintwork has been broken and scratched , then a simple smart repair can be conducted to ensure your car not only looks fantastic but is protected against further damage such as rust.

Bumper and Alloy Wheel Repair

As well as a scratch and dent repair service, here at Premier Car Care I offer bumper and alloy wheel repair. If you’ve had the misfortune of scratching, scuffing or denting your bumper or alloy wheels then look no further than Premier Car Care who can restore your car back to looking its best.

Your Local Car Body Repair Expert Near You

No matter whether you need a car scratch repair, bumper repair, alloy wheel repair or a dent repair on your car, Premier Car Care is the specialist to get your car looking as good as new. Due to SMART Repair techniques I am able to complete a repair in a far more cost effective and faster way than a traditional body shop.