Bumper Scuffs n scratches

Our Bumper scuff repairs are dealt with on an individual basis as no two scuffs are the same. The location of the damage and the make of vehicle is key to giving you a price. Using new technologies and products we can ensure that I return your damaged bumper back to its former glory
Bumper scuffs are a very common problem these days with more bumpers having a painted finish to them and commonly happen in car parks and busy places with lots of vehicles.

At Premier Car Care Ltd we have a process that can get your vehicle bumpers back to a factory finish saving you time and money compared to traditional body shop methods.

This convenient process is performed usually within 3-4 hours and restored using the highest quality paint products and other top quality materials and equipment. No matter what happened to your plastic bumper; scuffs, dents, tears, scratches, or cracks premier Smart Repairs can almost always repair and restore your damaged bumper without replacing it.

We mix all the paint from my state of the art in house paint scheme and only use the leading paint products on your car so we have no issues matching the paint and giving your the best possible results.
Contact us directly on 07757 593817 for your free quotation regarding your bumper scuff.

Textured Bumper Repairs

Non-colour coded bumpers which have become scuffed or scraped can be repaired using a compatible filler which is then textured and finished with a matching colour to ensure the repair matches the original.

Plastic Weld Repairs

Quite common bumpers and or plastics can be cracked or split, in most of these cases they can be repaired and no need of replacement.