Car Bumper Repair

Well, it definitely happens to the best of us, so don’t worry too much. Premier Car Care specialise in SMART repairs (Small Medium Area Repair Technique) which essentially means we can provide bumper repair without removal of the bumper – even if the bumper is cracked.

The benefit of using the SMART repair technique for bumper repair is that we reduce overheads on several fronts.

1 – We often avoid removing the bumper to complete the bumper repair. This means we don’t have to spend hours removing bolts and crawling round underneath your car.

2 – We repair the damage with modern bumper repair techniques, meaning you don’t have to shell out for a new bumper from the manufacturer, along with all of the associated costs of priming, painting and re-fitting the new bumper.

What is involved in a Car Bumper Repair?

Step 1

Assess damage and consult with customer


Step 2

Identify colour with spectrometer

Step 3

Sand area to get down to bare plastic

Step 4

Mask and prime (priming done with Tesla UV)

Step 5

Demask, smooth and clean

Step 6

Review repair progress

Step 7

Mask car up ready for base coat

Step 8

Apply base coat

Step 9

Apply clear coat and cure with infra-red

Step 10


Step 11


Step 12

Customer handover (same day in most cases)

How much should I pay for Car Bumper Repair?

This completely depends on your expectations for the repair.

If you expectations are absolute perfection, back to a factory standard – the car will need to back to the manufacturer to receive an entire new bumper, with all associated costs for removing the old bumper, preparing the new bumper, priming, painting, finishing and re-fitting the bumper. This option won’t appeal to most people – because of the cost. A service like this from a main-dealer could run you a bill into the thousands. So what else can we do?

Well if it’s a race to the bottom on price, then you’ll be taking the associated risk with going with the cheapest option. In order to do things cheap, corners get cut. When corners get cut – the end result is often affected.

Then there’s us – we definitely aren’t in a race to the bottom to provide the cheapest price and cut corners on your bumper repair. We pride ourselves on transparency, honesty and doing the best possible job we can.

Each job is priced after we review the damage sustained to your car – as we need to ascertain how much work is involved in completing the bumper repair.

How do I know I’m going to happy with the repair?

Well, the first thing we’d advise is to do your research. As you’ve found this page, if you’re this far down – we suspect that you are already in the middle of doing so.

Researching which company you are handing over your pride and joy to is essential – look at their previous work and think ‘if that was my car, would I be happy with it’. We’d suspect that when looking at our portfolio, or watching our videos, any customer would be happy for us to work on their car.

You should also know and understand the process of how the repair is going to be undertaken. Lack of insight on the process might mean your bumper just gets filled with ‘bodge’ and given a quick lick of paint that ‘is close enough’.

If you have any questions regarding our process, be sure to drop us a message, or pop over to our facility in County Durham.

Where is Premier Car Care located?

Premier Car Care is located in north-east England. We serve areas surrounding our workshop near Peterlee. This means if you’re looking for car bumper repair in Sunderland, Newcastle or Middlesborough – we’re not too far from any of the north-easts major cities.

What does a bad car bumper repair look like?

We’ve added some examples of what bad paintwork can look like below. Albeit none of these are bumper repair, they should still give you an insight into what can go wrong.

As the old adage goes – buy cheap, buy twice.


This picture gives you an idea of a cars door that hasn’t had the correct shade of paint matched to the car.


Here we have a close up image of a badly clear coated car. I don’t think I need to say anymore do I?


Finally this picture shows you clear coat damage. The cause of damage like this id poor prepping before hand as well as cheap products.