Bumper Repair (Scuffs & Scratches)

Have you had one of those nightmare days and scuffed your bumper?

Well it happens to the best of us but not to worry. Here at Premier Car Care Ltd I specialise in S.M.A.R.T Repairs (Small Medium Area Repair Technique) which basically means I can repair the damage without the removal of the bumper. Even if you have cracked or split the bumper it can be fixed in 90% of the time.

New bumpers on modern day cars can run into the thousands of pounds due to them not coming pre painted to the colour of your car. With the bumpers not coming painted they have to go through a full re priming, sanded down and then cleaned before the correct colour can be applied, this also brings an issue depending on where the bumper is getting painted.

Colour matching is a skill and a process to get right, if certain factors are not put in place you could end up with a different colour on your bumper to the rest of your car. Once the colour is right it will be applied, once dried its then onto the clear coat which is the paint that makes it shiny and hard.

Clearcoat itself is another big issue if bought cheap or not been applied correctly. Please see attached images   

This picture gives you an idea of a cars door that hasn’t had the correct shade of paint matched to the car.

Here we have a close up image of a badly clear coated car. I don’t think I need to say anymore do I?

Finally this picture shows you clear coat damage. The cause of damage like this id poor prepping before hand as well as cheap products.

If you find a bodyshop that will do everything right then the damaged bumper will be removed and the new one re-fitted. I can also go into more issues that 99% of bodyshops will not polish up the bumper correctly but i’ll leave this for another time.

So what makes Premier Car Care Ltd different?

Well SMART Repairs can be a massive saving off the main dealer prices, yes theres the right way to repair but ask yourself this? Does the bodyshop who’s quoting on your damage go through with you what their prices entail? How will they match paint? What guarantee will you get? The answer is the majority of the time all you will get is a price!

Well not here at Premier, there are so many factors in giving you a price this is why I need to inspect your car in order to price the job right but also explain to you the customer how I’m going to repair the damage on your car as I believe you have a right to know whats going on but most of all where your money is going.

With SMART Repairs the panel is not removed or replaced, it’s repaired. So in this case of a bumper scuff only the damage is repaired with the base coat (colour) and the clear coat blended to the existing paintwork and if done correctly its relatively un-noticeable. If you have read our previous blog about the spectrometer you will have noticed that I match my paint with the most advanced way, ensuring you car is getting the right paint match. With the investment in tools, spray guns and my new workshop you’ll not be disappointed in choosing Premier Car Care Ltd to repair your car.

Here at Premier I pride my work on customer service, value for money, with up most integrity and respect for my customers. If you live in Peterlee, Hartlepool, Billingham, Seaham, Durham, Co Durham, Sunderland, Newcastle, Middlesbrough, Stockton or any of the surrounding areas please don’t hesitate to pop in or get in touch, I promise you’ll not regret it.

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I’ve included a video just to give you an idea what goes on with a typical bumper scuff repair: