Basic Car Cleaning & Introduction into Machine Polishing Training

Basic Car Cleaning & Introduction into Machine Polishing Training

Right, ive been asked many times now about running some kind of basic training for cleaning and polishing cars, so here we are Im not sure of what dates yet but it will probably be the end of October. It will be held on a Saturday which will start at 9am and finish around 4pm with lunch included.

The basic training will be something along the lines of this

9am – 11am – How to safely wash and clean the car in preparation for waxes/sealant

11am – 12am – An introduction into machine polishing and products

12pm – 12:30/1pm – Lunch (will be provided)

1pm – 2pm Demonstrations of the differant machine polishers including Flex, Rupes etc..

2pm – 4pm – You will have the opportunity to use all of the machines on the training car

Cost would be £150 per person (max of 7 people per course)

If your interested please email me your details


Kevin Thirlaway is the owner and director of Premier Car Care. With over 10 years in the industry, there’s nothing that Kevin hasn’t seen or worked on. With an attention to detail that would put Steve Jobs to shame; Kevin focusses his efforts on restoring your vehicle back to its full potential through an exhaustive list of techniques, honed over a number of years.

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