AlloyGator Wheel Protection

The AlloyGator alloy wheel protection system is a tried and tested, award winning wheel protection system that significantly reduces the risk of wheel damage from kerb scrapes and pothole impact.

AlloyGators are a patented alloy wheel protection system, manufactured in the UK to an internationally recognised Quality Management System specification. The rim protectors are made from super tough blended nylon composite with added UV stabiliser and impact modifier to enable strength and durability in variable climates.

The product was developed with vehicle OEMs and has been MIRA tested for superior quality assurance.

Who are AlloyGator Limited?

AlloyGatorâ„¢ Ltd are a UK based alloy wheel protection system manufacturer. The company is headed up by a team of automotive professionals, with a combined industry background of almost five decades. The company have an established presence in the automotive aftermarket and a worldwide customer base, with appointed distributors in over 35 countries across the globe.

How do AlloyGators work?

The protection system is designed to protect alloy wheels against kerbing and pothole damage. The AlloyGator wheel protectors fit between the wheel and tyre and are held in place with diamond gripping technology. The profiles have a matt finish with locking teeth, diamond grips and robust stainless-steel clips to ensure a secure, long-lasting fit to your vehicle.

As well as protecting your alloy wheels, AlloyGators allow you to customise the appearance of your vehicle and prevent costly wheel refurbishments.

Premier Car Care are an officially recognised trade partner for Alloy Gators, meaning we fit the rim-protectors to a professional standard.